About Us

About Willow Grove Supply Network

Willow Grove Supply Network is strategically located in the Willow Grove County in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs. Willow Grove is considered an edge city of Philadelphia with large amounts of retail businesses, office space and closer to major manufacturing facilities in the state of Pennsylvania which is ideally situated in the northeastern region of the United States. A region which is also economically the richest region of the United States and has largest cities, major Airports, Sea ports and border Canada.

Willow Grove Supply has a rich experience of selling to diversity of customers and fully understands modern day competition and the importance of timely deliveries at the most economical prices.

Willow Grove Supply Network is America’s trusted source for industrial supplies, electrical and safety products. We export to major oil & gas, petrochemical and manufacturing plants globally.

So if you need materials for your manufacturing or consumables and spare parts for your industrial plants or want to supply and resell materials to your customers, or just need a partner to act as a purchasing agent for you or your company in USA, Willow Grove Supply Network is well placed to meet your all specific and personalized needs. Our team of experienced and professional customer service reps can help you purchase right items at the right price within the convenient delivery deadlines and shipping options.

We may seem young and small but our dedicated team and rich industry experience easily leaps us ahead of many large corporations and old companies.

Willow Grove Supply Network apart its prompt and personal service, returns customer emails and phone calls almost as quickly as they come in. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff go the extra mile to answer any questions customers may have or help them find a solution to any problem they encounter in their urgent needs for materials and industrial supplies. No matter how big or small the order, if for some reason, an item is not in stock or became obsolete our customer service rep is also capable of tracking down more obscure items, shipping them anywhere in the world.

Thanks to a streamlined order process, orders go out swiftly and at the lowest prices possible to the customer. We drop ship a large portion of orders directly from the manufacturer — which plays a big part keeping prices at the wholesale level.

With nearly 35 years in the supply chain industry and well situated in the manufacturing hub of the United States, Willow Grove Supply Network is proud to serve both its domestic and International customers with low prices and a focus on customer service. Here’s to the future!